Citizens Academy

The Citizens Academy is a free seven-week course offered to Snoqualmie residents so they can get a first-hand look at how Snoqualmie's government works. The sessions are led by Snoqualmie city leadership and department directors. Sessions are informal, interactive, and a lot of fun! 

Congratulations Class of 2018!


How to Participate

The Citizens Academy is offered each year beginning in September. For more information about the 2019 Citizens Academy, email Jodi Warren, City Clerk, or call her at 425-888-8016. 

Course Curriculum

Welcome and Introductions

  • History: Learn about Snoqualmie’s history along with a look to the future.
    Presenter: Dave Battey, Official Snoqualmie Historian
  • A Political Perspective: Presenter: Mayor Matt Larson
  • Mock City Council Meeting: Participate as council members and/or the public.
    Facilitator: Jodi Warren, City Clerk

Parks Division 

  • Parks Division: Learn about the City’s expansive parks system and the people who maintain it. Presenter: Dan Marcinko, Director, Parks & Public Works
  • Shuttle Tour: Visit city facilities.

Public Works Division 

  • Public Works: Explore city infrastructure, streets, water, and wastewater. This is more fun than you might think! Dan Marcinko, Director, Parks & Public Works
  • Shuttle Tour: Visit city facilities.

Police Services 

  • Police Department: Learn the many ways the Snoqualmie Police Department protects and serves the Snoqualmie and North Bend communities.
    Presenter: Police Chief Perry Phipps
  • This session is held on a Saturday at the Police Station, 34825 SE Douglas St, where participants get a hands-on tour and enjoy free lunch with the Police Chief.

Legal and Finance 

  • Municipal Law: Learn about the organic authority of cities, separation of Mayor and City Council powers, open government, meetings, and the Public Records Act. Presenter: Bob Sterbank, City Attorney
  • Finance 101: Learn about where city revenues come from, where property taxes go, how tax dollars support city services and programs, and budget impacts.
    Presenter: Robert Hamud, Finance Director 

Community Development 

  • Planning Division: Examine the City’s long-range planning, land use management, zoning, environmental policy, floodplain management, and the development review process. Presenter: Mark Hofman, Director, Community Development
  • Building Division: "The Silent Defenders" - Includes Building Code Enforcement information about fire protection, prevention, and suppression related to building inspections. Presenter: John Cooper, Building Official 

Fire and Emergency Services 

  • Fire and Emergency Management: Gain insights into protecting life and property, and managing disasters. Presenter: Fire Chief Mark Correira
  • This session is held at the Fire Station, 37600 SE Snoqualmie Parkway, where participants get a tour of all fire station facilities.


Upon completion of the Citizens Academy, participants are presented with certificates at a Snoqualmie City Council Meeting.