Hampton Inn & Suites

A new Hampton Inn & Suites is under construction in Snoqualmie and is anticipated to open in December 2018. It is located at the  corner of Snoqualmie Parkway and SE Center St (across Snoqualmie Parkway from the public library).

Currently, the Salish Lodge & Spa, a world-class hotel and historic landmark at Snoqualmie Falls, offers luxury accommodations. The Hampton Inn & Suites will provide a second option for visitors.

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Project Description

  • 99 moderately-priced hotel rooms
  • 178 parking stalls
  • Meeting space
  • Restaurant on main floor
  • One or more retail shops on main floor
  • Indoor pool
  • Pedestrian-friendly plazas and seating
  • Architecture and landscaping consistent with Snoqualmie Ridge design standards
  • Hotel height: (See illustrations)
    • Four stories (45 feet above ground)
    • Daylight basement (11 feet sloping downward from hotel’s first story)
  • 50 foot setback from Snoqualmie Parkway with replanting of trees to provide a soft screening (See illustrations)
  • Two-story office building, height not to exceed 35 feet

Benefits for Snoqualmie

  • A second hotel option for travelers*
  • Job creation: 35-38 jobs in the hotel and restaurant, plus 50-62 jobs for adjacent retail and offices
  • Increased business for local restaurants, shops, and professional services
  • Increased diversified revenue include property, utility, sales, and B&O taxes, which could help alleviate the need for increased residential and commercial property taxes in the future for infrastructure, public safety, services, and city staffing
  • Increased hotel/motel tax, which is allocated to local tourism-based organizations to fund tourism-related attractions 

*Examples of Guests for the New Hotel

  • Travelers unable to be accommodated by the Salish Lodge & Spa during peak-season sell outs
  • Travelers who require accommodations that are less expensive than the Salish Lodge & Spa
  • Participants and spectators of the annual Boeing Classic PGA Champions Tour
  • Recreation enthusiasts
  • Family and friends of local residents
  • Business professionals visiting corporations in the Snoqualmie Ridge Business Park
  • Individuals attending conferences and events at nearby locations

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