Salish Lodge Expansion

Snoqualmie City Council Members approved the Planned Residential and Planned Commercial Industrial (PR/PCI) Master Plan application submitted by the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe for expansion of the Salish Lodge & Spa. The Salish Lodge & Spa is a five-star destination hotel located at Snoqualmie Falls. It is popular regionally as a getaway and accommodates guests from around the world. 

The Muckleshoot Tribe, owner of the land, submitted a general land use application and master plan in April 2018 initiating the City of Snoqualmie review process.


The 49.6-acre project site is located approximately one mile north of downtown Snoqualmie. It is 1/4 mile to 1/2 mile uphill from Snoqualmie Falls Park and across State Route 202. The development will be visually screened by a steep grade and trees.

The entrance to the property is from Tokul Road, uphill from the Tokul roundabout (traffic control and safety infrastructure) on State Route 202.

Location Aerial Map

Project Description

The Salish Lodge & Spa expansion will include:

  • Expanded hotel with up to 182 guest rooms
  • 60 managed residences
  • Meeting and event facilities
  • Spa, fitness center, and swimming pool 
  • 12.5 acres of open space and forested walking trails
  • Residential  - Up to 150 homes of varying types and sizes, including affordable housing options

Watch a video about the project by Mayor Matt Larson.

Benefits to the Community

  • Job creation for local residents.
  • Increased attraction of visitors to Snoqualmie, increasing sales revenue to support the city's budget.
  • Economic support of existing local businesses from hotel guests visiting other Snoqualmie businesses, such as restaurants, shops, and services.  
  • Increased collection of hotel/motel tax, which the City of Snoqualmie allocates each year to organizations that operate tourism events and/or facilities.