Six Year Transportation Improvement Plan (STIP)

The City of Snoqualmie Six Year Transportation Improvement Plan - also known as the STIP - includes projects such as pavement overlays; roadway widening; bridge replacement and/or repair; traffic signal systems; safety enhancements; bicycle and pedestrian facilities; and transit improvements within city limits. 

The STIP is updated annually as required by state law and enables the City to compete for transportation funding grants from most state and federal sources. 

2020-2025 Projects

Following are projects on the Snoqualmie 2020-2025 STIP with prioritization (top to bottom) recommended by City staff. After public hearings, committee recommendation, and City Council approval, the 2020-2025 STIP will be in effect until the next review. 

To read the project descriptions and justification, please see the full 2020-2025 Six Year Transportation Improvement Plan document.

  • Kimball Creek Bridges 1413B and 1413C replacement along SE Meadowbrook Way
  • Snoqualmie Parkway to Interstate 90/State Route 18 (I-90/SR 18) Westbound On-Ramp
  • Snoqualmie Parkway Pavement Rehabilitation
  • State Route 202 Corridor Improvements Phase 3
  • SE Newton St Connection
  • Snoqualmie Parkway and SE 99th St Intersection Improvement
  • State Route 202 Kimball Creek Bridge Replacement Phase 3B
  • State Route 202 Corridor Improvements Phase 4
  • Meadowbrook Way SE and State Route 202 Intersection Improvement
  • State Route 202 and SE River St Pedestrian Signal Project
  • State Route 202 Mid-Block Crossing Pedestrian Signal Project
  • Interstate 90  Interchange Replacement
  • Meadowbrook Bridge Replacement
  • Roundabout at Meadowbrook Way SE at 384th Ave SE and SE North Bend Way
  • State Route 202 Snoqualmie River Bridge
  • Metro Park & Ride