Sigillo Cellars Development

Project Description

Sigillo Cellars*, a local Snoqualmie business, has expressed interest in constructing and relocating to a new building on this lot. The development plans align with the City's desire for a development that will include high-quality and appropriate design complementary to the site's relationship with the downtown Historic District, the  Northwest Railway Museum, Snoqualmie Depot, Railroad Park, the Snoqualmie River, and Sandy Cove Park on the banks of the river. 

The development would include wine-making operations, a wine-tasting room, dining, and a boutique hotel.

Project Presentation and Renderings


The City has entered an option agreement with Sigillo Cellars for the purchase of the property with an extended closing date of September 30, 2018. 

Following closing on the property, Sigillo Cellars will need to complete and submit detailed architectural plans and apply for permits, including Historical Design Review Board approval and a building permit. Construction would follow approval of permits.


The City of Snoqualmie currently owns the vacant property at the corner of Railroad Ave SE (State Route 202) and SE King Street, commonly called the King Street Lot. It is kitty corner to the Snoqualmie Depot and above Sandy Cove Park. 

The purchase does not include Sandy Cove Park, which is adjacent to the Snoqualmie River. Sandy Cove Park will remain a City of Snoqualmie park property accessible to the public. 

Building Height Limit

Effective September 13, 2018, the height limit for buildings in downtown Snoqualmie will be 35 feet, following an approved amendment by the Snoqualmie City Council on August 27, 2018. The height limit ordinance in the Snoqualmie Municipal Code prior to September 13 is inconsistent in limits allowed; in some cases, it states 30 feet and in others 35 feet. The ordinance has been amended to have a consistent height limit of 35 feet.

The height of the new Sigillo Cellars structure will be no more than 35 feet from street level to the roof. For comparison, the tallest building in downtown Snoqualmie at this time is the Woodman Lodge, a King County Historic Landmark, which is 33 feet in height.

Benefits to the Community

Watch this video presentation by Mayor Matt Larson about the development project and its benefits to Snoqualmie.
  1. Mark Hofman

    Community Development Director

*Sigillo Cellars is an existing business in Historic Snoqualmie. At this time, it requires additional space for expansion of the wine-making portion of its business. The owners also desire to expand its retail wine tasting and sales business, and to construct space for weddings and other large gatherings. Sigillo's business expansion plan and development concepts are consistent with the City's Downtown Master Plan