Streetlight Pole Banners

Many cities select pole banners from a catalog, but Snoqualmie Streetlight Pole Banners are custom-designed to reflect the community we create and enjoy together.

Plein Air - A French Painting Tradition on Display

Since 2009, the City has hosted the annual Plein Air Paint Out at Railroad Days, where artists gather to create original works of city icons and landscapes, painted in just one day. First-place winners receive an offer to buy the piece from the Snoqualmie Arts Commission.

Plein Air, or “in the open air,” is the tradition of painting outdoors. The tradition takes advantage of natural light and live painting, rather than studio work, and was heralded by artists such as Monet and Renoir.

Excerpts of winning works from the Plein Air Paint Out have been adapted to City streetlight banners for community enjoyment. Brief bios of the past years’ winners are shown at right.

The free Plein Air Paint-Out competition is hosted every year in August, and is open to all adult artists of all mediums and abilities. If interested in joining the Plein Air announcement email list, please email Arts Commission staff Nicole Sanders at

Elk in the Meadow (2017) Beverly Fotheringham

Beverly Fotheringham is a student of light, enjoying how it enhances our visual experience, while exploring the boundary between realism and abstraction. A prolific artist in water media, she is a signature member of the National and Northwest Watercolor Societies, and Miniature Artists of America. She resides in North Bend.

Beverly earned her fine arts BA from California State University at Fullerton, and trained at the LA Art Center College of Design. She has won numerous awards, and shows in galleries in Olympia, Bothell and Maui. See more of her work. 

Train Arrival (2016) Ann Heideman

Ann Heideman has been interested in patterns for as long as she can remember, and enjoys exploring them through art. Working in ceramics, photography, oil and watercolor painting, she believes art can alter the way we experience and perceive the world.

Ann has a BA from Yale, an MFA from the Indiana University School of Fine Art, and has taught art in New York and, more recently, at Mt. Si High School. A Snoqualmie Valley artist now retired from teaching, she continues doing studio art, blogging, exploring the natural world and fishing. See more of her work.

The Railway Station (2018) Jacqueline Tribble

Jacqueline Tribble relishes the thrill of interpreting the natural world on paper and canvas. The Pacific Northwest offers no shortage of inspiration with moody weather fronts, unique flora and fauna, and dramatic mountains and coastlines. She finds the warms and cools of highlights and shadows in nature mesmerizing.

Jacqueline earned a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Painting from the University of Washington, and traveled through New York and Europe to study the works of John Singer Sargent and French Impressionists. Residing in North Bend, she has exhibited throughout the Northwest. See more of her work. 

Snoqualmie Falls (2014) Stan Chraminski

Stan Chraminski paints landscapes. Selecting a slice of the natural mood, and combining color, thickness and texture to create the desired emotional impact is a unique challenge. Each stroke can go well or wrong, and the process continually drives him to pick up his brushes and oil paints.

Stan has spent his life creating art, studying at Arts High School in Newark, an Art History concentration at Rutgers, New Jersey State, and five years in Europe studying the works of some of his favorite artists first-hand. A prior signature member of the Puget Sound Group of Northwest Artists, Stan Chraminski now resides and paints on the Big Island of Hawaii. See more of his work.