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  1. Pedestrian-Activated Signal to Be Installed at Fisher & Parkway

    A pedestrian flashing beacon – commonly known as a HAWK signal – will be constructed and installed at the intersection of Snoqualmie Parkway and Fisher Ave SE to increase safety for pedestrians crossing Snoqualmie Parkway from both sides of Fisher Ave SE. Read more...
  2. Conditional Use Permit Issued for Special Needs Facility

    A Hearing Examiner recently approved a conditional use permit for a special needs facility located at 384th Avenue SE in Snoqualmie. Read more...
  3. Property Tax Increases include State Funding for McCleary Plan

    Property taxes in Snoqualmie increased as of January 1 due, in part, to a new statewide public education tax (The “McCleary” decision) approved by the Washington State Legislature. Read more...
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