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  1. Snoqualmie Parkway Interim Ramp to I-90 Moves Forward

    The City of Snoqualmie is entering an agreement with the Washington State Department of Transportation to construct an interim on-ramp from Snoqualmie Parkway onto I-90 to increase safety and improve traffic flow. Read on...
  2. Helmets Required in Snoqualmie Parks and on City Streets and Sidewalks

    Helmets are required in Snoqualmie for those operating wheeled recreational devices and motorized foot scooters on public streets, rights-of way, alleys, city property, and parks, including Snoqualmie Skate Park. Read more...
  3. City and Daniel Marcinko Announce Retirement from Director of Parks & Public Works

    The City of Snoqualmie and Daniel Marcinko announce the retirement of Mr. Marcinko from his position as Director of the Parks and Public Works Department after ten years of public service to the City of Snoqualmie Read more...
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