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About the Snoqualmie Fire Department


The City of Snoqualmie re-established their fire department commencing January 19, 1999 to bring back the city’s control over its fire and emergency medical services, and to keep local dollars collected for the benefit of this community.  The Fire Department began as a division of the Public Safety Department, which included Police, Fire and Emergency Management Divisions.  Before then, fire protection was contracted with King County Fire District #10, now Eastside Fire & Rescue.

In November of 2003 the Public Safety Department was dissolved and separate departments were formed.  A police and fire chief were promoted to head these departments.  The Department of Emergency Management was added to the responsibilities of the Fire Department to provide the highest level of preparedness while mitigating the effects of emergencies and disasters.

Daily operation of the Fire Department requires providing city administrative services, human resource management, physical resource management, developing and maintaining operating guidelines, and public relation activities.  Services include general correspondence with local, county, state and national organizations; completing operational reports, development and maintenance of an annual budget, and clerical record keeping of financial expenditures to meet the fiscal budget goals.

The Fire Chief oversees and coordinates eight divisions in the department.  These include Emergency Medical Services, Communications, Records and Reports, Water System Inspections, Public Relations and Education, Special Operations, Pre-Fire Planning, Facility and Equipment Maintenance.

As of 2015, the career staffing levels are one (1) Fire Chief, one (1) Captain, one (1) Administrative Assistant, three (3) Shift Supervisors (Lieutenants) and nine (9) Fire Fighters.  The volunteer fire fighter numbers change throughout the year for various reasons.  Our average number of volunteers in 2016 was 18 members.

Career personnel work a 48/96 hour schedule.  Starting at 08:00 hours personnel are required to work 48 hours straight before receiving 96 hours off duty.  The cycle then repeats itself beginning with another 48 hours on duty.  There are three (3) crews that rotate within this schedule to ensure 100% coverage for the City of Snoqualmie.

The staff and members of the City of Snoqualmie, Fire Department are committed to the delivery of service in a professional manner consistent with all applicable and recognized standards, doing so with a sense of duty and responsibility, equaled by few other professions.  It is not uncommon or unusual for public safety personnel to excel when called upon to do so.


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