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Hospital Transport Information

The City of Snoqualmie charges Basic Life Support (BLS) transport service fees to provide a revenue source to help offset costs of emergency medical services.

BLS transport fees are generally covered by most medical insurance policies, including Medicare and Medicaid. Residents being transported will not be billed for any portion of the transport fee that is in excess of the amount paid by the insurer. The City’s policy is that the ability to pay is never a condition of service. All aspects of pre-hospital service will be provided to all patients without discrimination, including for those with no ability or inadequate means to pay.

Emergency medical services (EMS) fees are increasingly being used locally and nationwide to recover EMS costs from insurance companies and users of the service. The fees create a sustainable revenue source used to support public safety services. Other local communities and organizations that charge BLS transport fees include the cities of Renton, Bothell, Kirkland, and Mercer Island, Eastside Fire & Rescue, most Pierce and Snohomish County fire agencies, and others.

Reference Documents
Billing Policy for Basic Life Support (BLS) Transport
Third-Party Billing Policy for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Transport
Patient Privacy Notice

More Information
For billing questions, please contact Systems Design West LLC at 1-800-585-5242. All other questions may be directed to the Snoqualmie Fire Department at or 425-888-1551.



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