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Coalition of Small Police Agencies

The Coalition of Small Police Agencies was established in 2002 to create a forum to address the concerns of small police agencies in King County and to find ways to provide alternatives to the high cost of utilizing Specialty Services.

The Coalition consists of 14 small city police agencies throughout King County, in total; these agencies employ approximately 150 commissioned officers serving a combined population of over 66,000 residents.
Small agencies often do not have the budgets to send their employees to necessary training to be safe in their jobs. The coalition has implemented a training program to meet the needs of the small agency. The training that is now available through coalition resources include:
                                               Defensive Tactics/Firearms
                                               Fire Arson Investigation
                                               Bicycle Patrol
                                               Blood Borne Pathogen
                                               Domestic Violence
                                               Incident Command
                                               Narcotics Detection
                                               Emergency Vehicle Operation
                                               Active Shooter

The cities have found that by combining resources, to include personnel with specialty training and expertise, manpower and equipment the cities can save a substantial amount of money. These resources not only could be used during times of emergent need but to help one another in keeping pace with the ever increasing requirements placed on law enforcement.
By combining coalition resources they can now can provide manpower and equipment for:
                   Critical Incidents
                   Crowd Control
                   Special Event
                   Asset Seizure
                   In-Service Training

In 2005 the coalition formed a Major Crimes Task Force; the investigators on this task force will have the appropriate training to investigate most types of major crimes. The task force will include:
                                                   4 commanders
                                                   10 investigators
                                                   WSP Crime Lab Response Team
                                                   Liaison from the Prosecutors Office
                                                   Liaison from the Medical Examiners Office
                                                   Two fully equipped crime scene vehicles

To help defray the cost of forming this task force the coalition has received a grant from the State of Washington for the amount of $100,000.
At this time the members of the Coalition of Small Police Agencies are the cities of: 
              Black Diamond
              Clyde Hill
                   Yarrow Point
              Lake Forest Park
                   Hunts Point
              Normandy Park
Special Operations Team

Special Teams Operations

  • Consists of 19 members from the Snoqualmie and Issaquah Police Departments
  • It was established to help defer operational costs and to provide for an immediate response to critical high risk situations.

  Developing Resources
This joint operational unit was developed out of a need for specialized police services. These services are critical to police operations but are not easily established because of training and manpower requirements. Officers from both Snoqualmie and Issaquah made a commitment and as a team attended 80 hours of S.W.A.T. training hosted by the City at the Weyerhaeuser Mill site. As part of the necessary commitment this special operations team is also dedicated to attending 16 hours per month of operational training , meeting all state training requirements. Most materials and equipment for this operation were obtained at no cost using military surplus and available state and federal funding.
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