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Human Services Committee

Human Services Funding Application

Due: October 16, 2017, 5 p.m.

Each year the City of Snoqualmie assigns 1% of its general fund to community and human service organizations that serve the greater Snoqualmie Valley and provide services that benefit children, seniors, individuals and families in need. These services are often provided by municipalities, but because the City of Snoqualmie does not maintain staff with expertise in these areas, it contracts the services through funding to local organizations that provide aid for food, shelter, clothing, counseling, and safety throughout the community.

Human Services Committee Purpose

It is the desire of the Snoqualmie City Council to meet the needs of the local community and Snoqualmie Valley. The City strives to support other organizations and agencies that support the those who need help.

Any organization that provides support or services that benefit children, seniors, individuals, and families in need are eligible to apply for human services funding. 

The administration of the annual application and award process is managed by the City of Snoqualmie Director of Administrative Services. The Director of Administrative Services will be assisted by the Finance Officer, a Council Member, and two members of the community who do not have an affiliation with any potential applicant. The recommendations of the committee are then forwarded to the Community and Economic Affairs Council Committee for approval and forwarded to the full City Council for approval of allocation.

The primary determinant of eligibility is that the applying organization should be recognized as an IRS Code 501(c)3 non-profit entity.  There are some entities that serve the needs of the desired service class who do not have IRS recognition but are registered with the State of Washington as a non-profit entity.  The Human Services Committee will not exclude these entities but will ensure that they are legitimate organizations, recognized and operating in the community to meet the needs of the eligible service class.  Additionally, the committee recommendation will not exclude any organization because of a religious or fraternal affiliation. 

Committee Members Roster

Staff Liaison:
Debra Vigil
Director of Administrative Services

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