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Snoqualmie City Hall

Snoqualmie City Hall was dedicated in January 2010. It centralizes citizen access to city services by housing the Mayor's Office, the City Administrator's Office, the City Council Chambers, and five city departments, all of which were previously located in four separate buildings.

City Hall is located downtown Snoqualmie in the historic district. In choosing a property, city leaders felt it was important to maintain a presence downtown to serve as an anchor for downtown revitalization.

City Hall is a model of green building design, which will increase energy efficiency and move the city toward stronger environmental stewardship.

Building elements that significantly reduce energy use:

  • Natural ventilation system to move fresh air through the building, reducing energy usage while increasing oxygen and thermal comfort
  • Radiant floor heating and cooling system (heated and chilled concrete slabs) to create a 'constant temperature indoor environment'
  • R38 insulation (made with recycled content) to keep heat out in the summer and cold out in the winter
  • Gas-fired condensing boiler to convert more fuel into useful heat, produce less carbon dioxide, and maximize space efficiency
  • Exterior shading devices to prevent solar heat gain and improve natural lighting quality of interiors
  • Optimized 'low-emissivity' window glazing to reduce heating and cooling needs; also filters UV wavelengths
  • Multi-speed ceiling fans to increase air circulation and reduce energy costs

Sustainable materials used throughout City Hall:

  • Low VOC paints and adhesives (VOC = Volatile Off-gassing Compounds)
  • Certified 'Green Label' carpet with recycled content
  • Recycled wood pulp countertops
  • Low-flow and waterless restroom fixtures
  • Drought-tolerant landscaping

Design Features and Landscaping

The design of City Hall is intended to reflect the surrounding scenic beauty of Snoqualmie. The west side is inspired by Mount Si with natural colors, varying heights and angles, and green screens that will be covered with vines. The landscape architecture includes drought-tolerant plantings, stream and waterfall elements, bridges, and varying placement of rockery.

Public Artwork

Artwork at City Hall includes historically-themed murals by local artist Dick Burhans, which provide a dramatic backdrop in the City Council Chambers. There are also two pieces of commissioned artwork in the lobby of City Hall, both made possible by the 1% for the Arts program. Artists include Kathleen Fruge-Brown and Eden Rivers.

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