Posted on: December 16, 2017

Have You Winterized Your Home with Winterize Snoqualmie?

This is an image of a home that is eligible for a PSE Home Energy Assessment

More than 57 Snoqualmie residents have already signed up for a free Home Energy Assessment through Winterize Snoqualmie – a city campaign to make homes warmer for winter with lower energy bills.

Although older homes usually benefit more than newer homes, properties of any age with possible construction issues could benefit.

Free Home Energy Assessment Services

  • Free evaluation of your home by a certified PSE Energy Assessment team
  • Free customized report on ways to lower your energy bill
  • Up to 20 free LED lightbulbs to replace incandescent lightbulbs
  • Up to two free kitchen/bathroom aerators each
  • Up to two free high-energy performance showerheads

Sign up at www.pse.com/EnergyAssessment.

Some homes may have opportunities to improve attic insulation, air duct sealing to stop leaks, or install a heat pump as an alternative to more expensive heat sources such as oil or baseboard heat. Discounted services for these and other improvements may be available by the city’s partner in this program, Enhabit, a non-profit organization dedicated to home energy efficiency.

Other homes may be in tip-top shape, and all that’s left to do is install a discounted smart thermostat, for which PSE offers a $75 rebate.

Even if a homeowner does not pursue home improvements this year, they receive a customized report for would is most cost-effective to pursue for their specific home for future winters.

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