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Snoqualmie River Safety

Use Caution When Enjoying the Snoqualmie River

The Snoqualmie River is 45 miles long, stretching from the Cascade foothills above North Bend all the way to Duvall where it joins the Skykomish River. It is magnificent and offers many opportunities for recreation such as kayaking, fishing, swimming, boating, and tubing.

However, there are also hazards.

The City of Snoqualmie Fire Department is urging extreme caution for the Snoqualmie River. Swimming in the river is a big temptation during hot weather, but there is a strong undertow in many areas. There are also rocks and logs that are not visible, causing a danger of tripping and becoming trapped. Even in the heat, Washington lakes and rivers are cold enough to cause hypothermia,.

Please review the following water safety information with your children and teens.

• Know the river conditions, even when wading. If you don’t know the area, don’t go in.
• Never jump or dive into unfamiliar water.
• Do not swim at dusk or at night.
• Do not swim during or after drinking alcohol.
• Wear a lifejacket or personal flotation device.

Washington state law requires children ages 12 years and younger to wear a Coast Guard approved lifejacket or vest on vessels less than 19 feet long, including inner tubes. Sources of affordable lifejackets are posted on the King County website.

Watch a video of Marta, the River Otter, showing the right way to wear a lifejacket.

Safety Tips for Boating and Tubing

• Always tell someone your route: when and where you expect to put in and take out.
• Never float the river alone and, if possible, make sure there is at least one oared craft in your group in case a rescue is needed.
• Drink lots of water to avoid heat stroke.
• Bring a dry bag with food, water, and warm clothes.
• Have a back-up plan for emergency contact in case your trip is cut short by an unforeseen obstacle or emergency.

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Fire Chief Mark Correira
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