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False Alarms
The Snoqualmie Police Department is responsible for the tracking and billing of false alarms.  An alarm is considered a false alarm if it is activated by human error or upon arrival the police find no evidence of an attempted unlawful entry.  The Snoqualmie Municipal Code Chapter 9.08 provides authority for the billing of false alarms as follows:

9.08.010 False alarm prohibited.

A. Every person who has the right to possess or control any premises with an automatic alarm system shall maintain the system in good repair, and shall be liable for the fees provided in this chapter for failure to do so. Three false alarms from any such system in any calendar year shall be prima facie evidence of failure to comply with this section.

B. The city may charge and collect the following fees from the person in possession or control of the premises:

1. Twenty-five dollars for the fourth response to a false alarm within one calendar year;
2. Fifty dollars for the fifth response to a false alarm within one calendar year;
3. One hundred dollars for the sixth and each subsequent response to a false alarm within a calendar year.

C. Imposition of the fees provided above shall be the only penalties authorized for violation of this chapter. (Ord. 590 § 1, 1986).


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