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Economic Development in Snoqualmie


Economic Development

Snoqualmie's economic development initiatives pursue the long-term economic vitality of the city as well as preservation of its historic character and scenic beauty. To build economic sustainability, the City Council, city staff, commissions, residents, and local businesses are working together for thoughtful and measured city planning.

Snoqualmie is the fastest growing city in Washington State.* As the greater King County population has increased, development has spread eastward, resulting in a surge of Snoqualmie's population and housing since 1990. Snoqualmie has grown from just over 1,500 residents in 1990 to nearly 11,000* in 2010 with a majority of growth occuring in the mixed-use community of Snoqualmie Ridge. (*2010 U.S. Census Bureau results)

The Downtown Master Plan will provide a land use and development plan for the downtown commercial district building upon previous conceptual studies, including the Downtown Vision Plan; the SR 202 Corridor Study; and the Economic Development, Marketing and Branding Plan to support downtown revitalization. 

Snoqualmie is dedicated to making this community a leader in small city livability and business growth.





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