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Affordable Housing in Snoqualmie

Updated 08/22/2017

The History behind Planning for Affordable Housing in Snoqualmie 

Creating affordable rental housing opportunities in Snoqualmie ensures that our city is an open and accessible community for families and individuals earning lower than median incomes to secure convenient and livable housing. There is a significant gap in affordable housing available vs. what many current Snoqualmie residents and employees of local businesses can comfortably afford. 

Parcel S20, adjacent to the Eagle Point neighborhood, has been designated for multifamily housing since 2004 and was designated specifically for affordable housing in 2009. 

Application for Minor Modification for Affordable Housing on parcel S20

See reference documents near the bottom of this page.

Panorama Apartments LLC, a subsidiary of DevCo, has applied for administrative approval of a minor modification to the 2004 Snoqualmie Ridge II Mixed Use Final Plan conditions and a Conditional Use Permit to facilitate construction of an affordable housing development on parcel S20 on Snoqualmie Ridge. Parcel S20 is located downhill from the Eagle Point neighborhood, and uphill from the Snoqualmie Valley Hospital.  

As part of the conditions of the Snoqualmie Ridge II Mixed Use Final Plan, Parcel S20 has been specifically designated for affordable housing. Parcel S20 is encumbered by a 25-year covenant, which is recorded against title to the property and specifically limits Parcel S20’s uses to affordable multi-family rental apartment housing. The proposed apartments would complete the affordable housing program requirements for Snoqualmie Ridge II.  

The application is in review with the city administration and has not come before the City Council (as of this writing on June 29, 2017). 

Details about the Minor Modification

The minor modification application seeks to confirm net developable acreage and, due to the site’s slope, to increase retaining wall heights above six feet; the Conditional Use Permit application seeks Hearing Examiner approval of four-story building heights.  The minor modification and conditional use permit process are specifically provided for in the SR II Development Agreement and Mixed Use Final Plan conditions.  As provided in the Mixed Use Final Plan Conditions, the decision on the minor modification request will be made by the Community Development Department Director with the concurrence of the chair of the Community Development Committee of the City Council.  

Public Notice Sent to Community

Public notice of the applications was mailed to owners of property within 500 feet of the site (as required), published in the Snoqualmie Valley Record, and posted on the physical site.  Written comments on the minor modification and conditional use permit application were originally due by July 16, 2017 at 5 p.m. A courtesy extension has been issued. Public comments will be accpeted through August 2 at 5 p.m. Please read the public notice for details. Comments may be made to Mark Hofman, Director of Community Development for the City of Snoqualmie, at or PO Box 987, Snoqualmie, WA  98065. Please read the attached public notice for details. 

Future Public Hearing

As provided by the Snoqualmie Municipal Code, the decision on the Conditional Use Permit will be made by the city’s outside Hearing Examiner.  A public hearing about the proposed Conditional Use Permit will be scheduled before a hearing examiner at an, as of yet, undetermined time. 

To be notified of this hearing and all public hearings, please write with “Public Hearing Notices” in the subject line. 

City Contact for More Information

For more information, please contact Mark Hofman, Community Development Director, at or 425-888-8007. 


Notice of Application

Application Package

Traffic and Parking Impact Analysis Summary
Transportation Engineering NorthWest

Consistency Analysis of Specific Transporation Evaluations
Transportation Engineering NorthWest

Traffic Impact Analysis Review
Fehr & PeersTransportation and Engineering

Memorandum to Snoqualmie City Council regarding Parcel S20 (06/15/2012)

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Affordable Housing Covenant for Snoqualmie Ridge II Parcel S20 (12/16/2009)

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