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Snoqualmie Mill PCIP/EIS

Proposed Mill Site Plans at Open House
May 23, 4-7 p.m., City Hall, 38624 S.E. River Street 

Located north of the Snoqualmie River and Borst Lake and northeast of SE Mill Pond Road, the Snoqualmie mill site is part of a larger property operated as a lumber mill for nearly 100 years. A proposed commercial/industrial plan and development agreement will guide subsequent planning and future development of the site. Learn more at a combined informational meeting and open house on Tuesday, May 23, 2017 at Snoqualmie City Hall, 38624 SE River Street. The open house will illustrate site features and the proposed planned commercial/industrial plan, followed by a brief presentation and an opportunity to provide written and oral comments at 6 p.m.  



Notice of Application and Notice of Scoping (05/03/2017)

Determination of Significance (DS) and Request for Comments on the Scope of the Environmental Impact Statement for the Snoqualmie Mill Planned Commerical/Industrial Plan (05/02/2017)

Determination of Completeness Application Review

Application Submittal Letter (03/22/2017)

Land Use Application

Legal Description for Snoqualmie Mill Ventures LLC

Planned Commercial / Industrial (PCI) Application Submittal Requirements

Planned Commercial / Industrial (PCI) Plan Drawings

Snoqualmie Mill Site PCI Application


Post Annexation Implementation Plan

Resolution 1370 Post Annexation Implementation Plan


[The following information was posted in October 2012.]

The City of Snoqualmie has annexed one of the largest remaining undeveloped sites in King County. The site is immediately east of downtown Snoqualmie in the previous location of the Weyerhaeuser Mill.

At the Snoqualmie City Council meeting on August 13, 2012, the city council adopted Ordinance 1098 annexing 593 acres in the Mill Planning Area of Snoqualmie's Urban Growth Area. The annexation required no transfer of monetary funds from one entity to the other.

Of the 593 acres, approximately 350 acres have been zoned open space and 200 acres zoned Planned Commercial / Industrial land under an ordinance adopted in October 2011 establishing zoning to become effective upon annexation. Portions of the property could be used to connect the gap currently existing in the Snoqualmie Valley Trail as well as providing land for a river walk trail corridor adjacent to the Snoqualmie River.

The annexation became effective September 28, 2012. 


Ordinance 1098 Annexing Approximately 593 Acreas of Real Property in the Mill Planning Area to the City of Snoqualmie (Adopted 08/13/2012)

Interlocal Agreement between the City of Snoqualmie and King County regarding the Annexation of a Portion of the Snoqualmie Mill Planning Area 

Approved Preannexation Agreement by and between the City of Snoqualmie, Snoqualmie Mill Ventures LLC, Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Development Company, and Ultimate Rally LLC (Approved and Signed Agreement 10/24/2011)

Resolution 1115 Approving the Mill Planning Area Preannexation Agreement (Adopted 10/24/2011)

Resolution 11-01 of the Planning Commission Recommending Approval of Zoning Ordinance (Approved by Planning Commission 08/29/2011)

Proposed Interlocal Agreement between the City of Snoqualmie and King County regarding the Annexation of a Portion of the Snoqualmie Mill Planning Area (10/27/2011; Posted 10/31/2011)

Proposed Resolution Approving the Interlocal Agreement between the City of Snoqualmie and King County regarding Annexation of a Portion of the Snoqualmie Mill Planning Area and Authorizing the Mayor to Sign Said Interlocal Agreement (10/24/2011)

Ordinance of the City of Snoqualmie, Washington, Providing for Zoning to Become Effective upon Annexation of Certain Real Property Within the City of Snoqualmie Urban Growth Area in the Mill Planning Area (Adopted 10/24/2011)

Resolution No. 992 Authorizing the Mayor to Take Such Action as Deemed Necessary to Commence Annexation of a Portion of the Mill Planning Area within the City of Snoqualmie's Urban Growth Area  (Approved 03/28/2011)

Fiscal Impacts for Mill Planning Area Annexation (Posted 09/12/2011)
Fiscal Impact Review by Berk Consulting (Posted 09/12/2011)

Staff Report to City Council regarding Proposed Mill Planning Area Annexation (Reposted 08/08/2011)
Staff Report Appendix A: Comprehensive Plan Policy Consideration (Posted 08/05/2011)
Staff Report Appendix B: Consideration of King County Zoning P-Suffix Conditions (Posted 08/05/2011)

Noise Monitoring Report for DirtFish Rally School (Updated 09/21/2011)

SEPA Environmental Checklist (Posted 07/27/2011)
Errata Sheet: SEPA Checklist and Threshold Determination (Posted 08/05/2011)

SEPA Determination of Nonsignificance (Posted 07/28/2011)
SEPA DNS Issuance Attachment A (Posted 07/28/2011)

Environmental Activity & Remediation - Staff Summary (09/22/2011)

Environmental Protection Agency Documents Received (09/08/2011; Posted 09/23/2011)

Washington State Department of Ecology Class II Inspection, Weyerhaeuser Company, Snoqualmie Facility - 02/09/1993 and 02/16/1993 (Posted 09/23/2011)

Comprehensive Plan Figure 3.6: Land Use Designations for Snoqualmie Falls and Mill Planning Areas

Comprehensive Plan Document (including Element 8 - Annexation Policies) 

Map of Mill Planning Area Proposed Annexation and Property (Posted/Updated 09/21/2011)
Map of Mill Planning Area Proposed Annexation Mill Site Buildings (Posted 09/23/2011)
Map of Mill Planning Area Proposed Annexation Zoning (Posted 06/22/2011)

Dearborn & Moss Summary of Environmental Site Assessments (06/17/2011)

Shannon & Wilson Level I Environmental Assessment (12/1993)
Delta Environmental Consultants Level II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) (06/25/2004)
Delta Environmental Consultants Level III ESA (12/15/2004)
Delta Environmental Consultants Supplemental ESA - UST/AST Area (07/19/2005)
Delta Environmental Consultants Supplemental ESA - Lumber Strapping Area and Dip Tank Area (07/19/2005)
Attachment A to Supplemental ESA - Lumber Strapping Area and Dip Tank Area - Lab Analysis
Attachment B to Supplemental ESA - Lumber Strapping Area and Dip Tank Area - Boring Logs

Pacific Environmental Permit Closure Report - KC DDS Grading Permit (complete report)

City of Snoqualmie Economic Development Commission Minutes with Motion about Annexation 
(Posted 07/07/2011)


Staff Answers to City Council Questions regarding Mill Planning Area Annexation (09/23/2011)
Frequently Asked Questions - Overview (06/16/2011)
Frequently Asked Questions (05/24/2011)

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