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Founded in 1889 and incorporated in 1903, the City of Snoqualmie was one of the area’s most active lumber mill towns and a transportation hub for those crossing the Cascade Mountain Range by rail, wagon, and motorized vehicle.

Snoqualmie blends its historic past and small-town ambiance with a growing population in the master-planned community of Snoqualmie Ridge. Many individuals and families have moved to Snoqualmie Ridge seeking an area where natural beauty abounds and the quality of life and open space environments are valued.

The population in 1997 was approximately 1,500. As of the 2010 U.S. Census Bureau results, the population was nearly 11,000, which made Snoqualmie the fastest-growing city in Washington State. Remarkably, census results show that 35% of the population was made up of those 18 years of age and younger, which takes the number 1 position in King County for youth population.

The City of Snoqualmie government focuses on building a community that is responsive to residents' needs, supportive of business owners, and accommodating to tourists.

Historic Snoqualmie sits astride State Route 202. The downtown area has a number of retail stores, restaurants, and professional service businesses.  Complementing the downtown historic district's offerings, there are many shops and restaurants in the Snoqualmie Ridge Marketplace.  Across Snoqualmie Parkway is the Snoqualmie Ridge Business Park with several major companies in a variety of industries.

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