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Leak Adjustment Request

  1. Resolution no. 655*

  2. Notification of leak*

  3. Notification of Leak *

  4. Supporting Documents*

  5. Please attach any supporting documents and/or receipts that verify your leak has been repaired. If you cannot scan and upload them, please send to Tami Wood: Email:; Mail: PO Box 987; Snoqualmie 98065; In Person at City Hall: 38624 SE River St; Snoqualmie 98065

  6. Please explain how you have or will be submitting your supporting documents that the leak was fixed.

  7. I am the owner of the above named property and the leak on the service address was repaired within ten (10) days of notification of leak. I have read and understand City Resolution no. 655 and certify that all the information contained herein is accurate, to the best of my knowledge.

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