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Blink Network

As part of the city’s continuing commitment to conservation, five electric vehicle charging stations have been installed throughout the city. The stations were installed and are maintained by ECOtality, Inc., a leader in clean electric transportation and storage technologies.

These stations are part of the Blink Network which consists of over 5,000 electric vehicle (EV) smart-chargers for residential and commercial use. The stations have been “intuitively designed with features and innovations that energize communities around the power of change”. Installation was funded by grants from the U.S. Department of Energy. Vehicle charging is done at the owner's expense through membership in the Blink Network. Non-electric vehicle owners are not permitted to park in public spaces designated for EV parking.                                                                                              

Snoqualmie’s goal in providing this service is to build upon King County’s charging station initiative, and expand it into the Snoqualmie Valley. As electric vehicle popularity grows, this service will benefit residents and tourists alike. 


  Electric Vehicle Resources  
Locations of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Snoqualmie

Map of all charging stations in Snoqualmie

Snoqualmie City Hall
38624 SE River Street

Snoqualmie Valley Chamber of Commerce
38767 SE River Street

Snoqualmie Valley Community Center/YMCA
35018 SE Ridge Street (on Snoqualmie Ridge)

Falls Avenue SE between SE River St and SE King St


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