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Evergreen Fleet Initiative

The City of Snoqualmie fleet division has been certified “green” for superb environmental performance by Western Washington Clean Cities, receiving a three-star rating for strong fleet management practices and investing in alternative fuels. The Evergreen Fleet’s Star-Rating System recognizes and rewards fleets that are taking significant steps to incorporate green initiatives into everyday operations. 
About the Evergreen Fleets Program

In September 2007, King County and 21 cities and municipalities in Puget Sound came together at King County’s “Clean Vehicles NOW!” Conference to create the Evergreen Fleet Initiative to help fight climate change. The Evergreen Fleet Initiative is an approach to decrease carbon emissions from King County public vehicles. The program engages public fleets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by promoting energy efficient strategies, similar to the LEED standard for green buildings.  Strategies include reducing idling, fuel-efficient driving trainings, incentive programs, alternative fuels procurement and green fleet purchasing policies.

Evergreen Fleets is a voluntary, tiered certification program that recognizes fleets for making smart, environmentally responsible choices that save fuel, improve operation efficiencies, and reduce air emissions. Evergreen Fleets is the first green fleet certification program of its kind in the nation and was created by the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency and Western Washington Clean Cities in collaboration with a consortium of public fleet managers.

The Evergreen Fleet Initiative is sponsored by the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency, the Puget Sound Clean Cities Coalition, and the Western Washington Clean Cities

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