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Black bear sightings are not uncommon in Snoqualmie neighborhoods. The Snoqualmie Police Department requests that the public call 911 for each bear sighting; 911 will dispatch Snoqualmie police to the location. The Snoqualmie Police want to track bear activity and already work closely with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Office on this issue.

Learn More about Bears - Safety Tips
The Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife website has good information about Living with Wildlife: Black Bears. General questions  may be directed to at 425-775-1311.

Manage Garbage Properly to Prevent Bear Activity
Proper garbage management is the most important thing to discourage bear activity. Bears will expend a great amount of time and energy digging under, breaking down, or crawling over barriers to get food, including garbage

  • Keep garbage cans with tight-fitting lids in a shed, garage, or fenced area.  
  • Put garbage out shortly before the truck arrives—not the night before. If you’re leaving several days before pickup, haul your garbage to a transfer station. 
  • Spray garbage cans and dumpsters regularly with disinfectants to reduce odors.
  • Keep fish parts and meat waste in your freezer until they can be disposed of properly.

A detailed list of tips for managing garbage is posted on the WDFW black bear fact sheet.

In June, garbage and recycle collection will transition from Allied Waste to Waste Management (WM).

Bear-Proof Garbage Containers
Upon request, Waste Management will provide a wildlife-proof garbage container to Snoqualmie residents. The container is free; the collection service is $3.40 per month in addition to the regular service fee. 

For more information or to request a bear-resistant container, visit the Waste Management website or call 1-800-592-9995.


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