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Building Division

  1. Building Permit Application

    Snoqualmie Building Permit application

  2. Fire Code Permit Application

    Snoqualmie Fire Code Permit application

  3. Plumbing Permit Application

    Snoqualmie Plumbing Permit application

  1. Develop in a floodplain application

    Snoqualmie Develop in a floodplain application

  2. Mechanical Permit Application

    Snoqualmie Mechanical Permit application

  3. Revision to Issued Permit

    Snoqualmie Revision to Issued Permit

Comprehensive Plan Docket Form

  1. Comprehensive Plan Docket Form

    Propose changes to the City Comprehensive Plan. Learn more.

Public Works

  1. Application for Water Service Connection

    Use this form for meter installation - residential customers, please use the Utility Service Open/Close Form.

  1. Certificate of Water Availability

    For use with properties outside of Snoqualmie City Limits to see if water service is available.

Utility Billing

  1. Leak Adjustment Request

    One-time water leak adjustment request

  2. Start Service - Buyer

    Notice to start utility service

  3. Stop Service - Tenant/Landlord

    Notice to close tenant utility account

  1. Request for Alternate Billing (Start Service - Landlord to Tenant)

    Use this form if you are the landlord and want to put the utility account into a tenant's name.

  2. Stop Service - Seller

    Notice to stop utility service for sellers only. To stop service for a tenant, please fill out the Stop Service - Tenant form.

  3. Utility Rate Reduction Application

    Application for reduced utility rates based on household income