Business Licenses

The City of Snoqualmie requires a business license and filing of Business & Occupation Taxes from all businesses that operate in, engage in, or practice any business in Snoqualmie city limits. The fee for a Snoqualmie business license is determined by the number of employees working inside Snoqualmie city limits.

Vendors who do business within Snoqualmie city limits are also required to have a business license. This includes home occupations, suppliers, contractors, and sub-contractors. 

Temporary business licenses are required for sales during special events, for roadside sales, and some other cases. Door-to-door sales require completion of the temporary business license.  

Business licenses expire each December 31. Fees are not pro-rated or refundable. The license
is non-transferable. A new owner requires a new license. The license must be posted at the place of business.

Renewal notices for business licenses will be mailed at the end of December each year. Notices are not due until February 1, making January a grace period. 

Applications and forms are listed below. Applications and tax forms are also available at Snoqualmie City Hall, 38624 SE River Street in downtown Snoqualmie. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm except holidays. 

Important Message for Businesses Located Outside Snoqualmie City Limits:
Any person or business whose annual gross receipts within the City of Snoqualmie are $2,000.00 or less and who does not maintain a place of business within the City are eligible for a City business license at “no cost." A “limited gross receipts declaration of eligibility” form must be submitted with the business license application (or yearly renewal notice) to receive the annual license at “no cost.” 

  1. Debbie Kinsman

    Phone: 425-888-1555, ext. 1106

Business & Occupation Tax Reporting Schedule

  • 1st Quarter: January - March, Due Date is April 30
  • 2nd Quarter: April - June, Due Date is July 31
  • 3rd Quarter: July - September, Due Date is October 31
  • 4th Quarter: October - December, Due Date is January 31