Non-Utilities Capital Improvement Plan

2015-2020 Plan

Plan Document

2020-2025 Plan

The proposed 2020-2025 Non-Utilities Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) covers 26 capital projects or programs including two facilities projects; 11 parks projects or programs; and 13 transportation projects or programs. A capital program is defined as the continuous replacement or renewal, over an extended period of time, of similar long-term assets.

The 2025 CIP includes approximately $49 million in capital project or program expenditures: 
  • Greater than $13 million for proposed facilities
  • Approximately $11 million for parks
  • Nearly $24 million for transportation
Proposed Plan Document (PDF)

Individual Project Details

  1. Blaise J. Ungerman

    CIP Manager/Contract Administrator
    Phone: 425-831-4919 ext. 3009

This is a map of projects and programs included in the City of Snoqualmie Non-Utilities Capital Impr