COVID-19 Snoqualmie Winter Relief Program

The application process has opened for small businesses and community organizations in Snoqualmie to request emergency funding through the City of Snoqualmie COVID-19 Winter Relief Program. Applications must be submitted between October 7 to October 16, with a submission deadline of October 16.

This emergency program will provide working capital grants - in amounts of up to $5,000 – to small, locally-owned businesses, social service agencies, and community organizations that meet specific criteria outlined in the application.
These funds can be used towards employee wages and taxes, personal protective equipment, operating costs, and winterization efforts such as equipment for outdoor seating.

The application packet must include the 
application, the Economic Injury Worksheet, the "Combined Excise Tax Return" Q2 2019 revenue and Q2 2020 revenue available from the Washington State Department of Revenue.

Those chosen to receive Rapid Relief Funding in July 2020, as well as those that did not apply, are invited to complete the application and submit it no later than October 16 at 5 p.m. to Nicole Wiebe at

Businesses must be located within Snoqualmie city limits. Applicants that are non-profit corporations or community organizations must be located within Snoqualmie city limits or – if not located within Snoqualmie city limits – must provide essential human/social services to Snoqualmie residents or play a significant economic, social, or cultural role for Snoqualmie.

Applications and the worksheet can be provided in languages other than English upon request to

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Application - Due by October 16 at 5 p.m.
Worksheet - Required to be submitted with application