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  1. Road Closures for Outdoor Dining This Weekend: Friday noon thru Sunday evening

    Dine outside in downtown Snoqualmie and on Snoqualmie Ridge this Friday starting at noon throughout the weekend. Mask up while ordering food and then de-mask while dining on closed, pedestrian-friendly streets. Help support local small businesses. Read more...
  2. Snoqualmie’s Urban Forests Need Our Protection

    The Stillwater Bog, part of the city’s extensive parks and trail system, is home to birds and wildlife and serves as a stopping point along the Stillwater Bog trail. Please help us care for these valuable natural areas. Read on...
  3. Snoqualmie Services Available Online, By Phone and Email

    Snoqualmie City Hall will continue to be closed until further notice for the safety of those visiting City Hall and employees. However, all city services continue to be available online, by phone, and/or by email. Read on...
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