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Request for Event Support Services by Snoqualmie Emergency Communications and Support Team (SECAST)

  1. Applicant & Sponsoring Organization Information
  2. General Event Information
  3. Type of Event*
    Check all that apply.
  4. Please fully describe your event. If this is a parade/walk/run or has more than one location, provide a general description of the route and attach a map.
  5. Hold Harmles Stipulation
    Requester covenants and agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the City Snoqualmie, its officers, agents and employees, or The Snoqualmie Emergency Workers Association from any and all claims actions, damages, liability, cost and expense, including reasonable attorney's fees in connection with or occasioned, in whole or in part by any act or omission of the Requester's, its officers, agents, employees, customers or licenses, or arising from or out of Requester's failure to comply with any provision of the Services granted as a result of this application, regardless of whether it is alleged or proven that the acts or omissions of the Association, City of Snoqualmie, its officers, agents or employees caused or contributed hereto.
  6. Please Note
    This application may be denied if the request is beyond the scope of services provided by SECAST or the Snoqualmie Emergency Workers Association. The request may also be rescinded at any time if complete and accurate information was not provided on the application; if the event is not held within the terms of the Request; in the event of a local or regional emergency requiring the services of SECAST or if there is failure to comply with applicable Federal, State, or local legal requirements by the requester.
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